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Payroll Reporting & Billing for State Fund Policyholders

Your California workers’ compensation insurance premium rates are based on the type of work performed in your operations and your payroll. We offer a few ways to report payroll and make premium payments.

Choices for Payroll Reporting and Premium Payment

Your options for reporting payroll and paying premium are determined by the amount of premium for your policy. The lowest premium required for a policy is called ‘minimum premium’.

  • MINIMUM PREMIUM POLICIES: (1) requires a deposit equal to the minimum premium; and, (2) submission of one payroll report with premium at the end of each policy term.
    If your premium is higher than the minimum premium, then the ‘base premium’ determines your payroll reporting and payment options:
  • POLICYHOLDERS WITH BASE PREMIUM LESS THAN $5000: (1) pay a deposit of 30% of estimated annual premium; (2) pay stipulated bills quarterly; and, (3) submit a payroll report twice each policy term.
  • POLICYHOLDERS WITH BASE PREMIUM $5000 OR MORE: (1) pay a deposit of 10% of estimated annual premium; and, (2) choice to report payroll and pay premium each month—good for businesses with varying payroll— OR report payroll twice each year and pay stipulated bills monthly—good for businesses with steady payroll.

Report Payroll and Pay Premium ONLINE by clicking “Make a payment/Report payroll” under the ‘popular links’ section of this site’s home page.

Read our Payroll Reporting FAQ to find out more about reporting payroll, and read our Stipulated Billing FAQ to learn more about stipulated billing options.

*Based upon credit history, additional deposit amounts, up to 100% of your estimated annual premium, may be required.
**All policies are subject to final billing which determines your premium for the policy term. Your final bill may result in additional premium due. If an audit is required, State Fund will contact you.
***If your business is a Temporary Staffing Agency, Professional Employment Organization (PEO) or Farm Labor Contractor, you are eligible only for the Monthly Payroll Reporting and Payment plan.

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