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File a Claim

When a work injury occurs, prior to filing a claim, we recommend that you:

Treat Injuries

Get your injured employee medical attention immediately by:

File A Claim

Report a claim to State Fund by:

  1. Log on to State Fund Online and report a claim electronically.


  2. Calling our toll-free Customer Service Center at (888) 782-8338. An expert claims representative will assist you with reporting an injury and locating a Medical Provider Network doctor.


  3. Go to our Claims Kit page to download and complete the required claims documents. Completed forms should be faxed to (800) 371-5905. As an employer, you’ll also find other non-claim-related forms you are required by law to post or provide. Go to our Employer Requirements page to download them.

If your employee’s injury was serious or resulted in death, you should contact the Division of Occupational Safety & Health’s Cal/OSHA Enforcement Unit immediately. You may obtain Cal/OSHA  Enforcement Unit District Office information online at

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