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Established in 1914 by the state legislature, State Fund is California's most reliable provider of workers' compensation insurance and a vital asset to California businesses. State Fund supports California's entrepreneurial spirit and plays a stabilizing role in the economy by providing fairly priced workers' compensation insurance, helping California employers keep their workplaces safe, and restoring injured workers.

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Ergonomics Professionals

Professional Consultation to Prevent Workplace Injuries and Illnesses

Our certified ergonomics experts are skilled in analyzing the physical relationship between the worker and the workplace, and assessing the risks associated with the development of musculoskeletal disorders. They are experienced in formulating preventative measures for working conditions in office and general industry settings. They can assist with developing an ergonomics program and provide ergonomics instruction utilizing DVD and CD-ROM to aid clients in their injury and illness prevention programs.

Taking a proactive approach to the prevention of work-related musculoskeletal disorders, our Ergonomics Consultants offer services including consultation, research, training, and field surveys to identify and mitigate risk factors. State Fund’s ergonomics professionals help employers reduce the risk of repetitive motion injuries and other job-related strains and sprains.

Some services are subject to qualifying criteria. Contact your local State Fund office or contact us online for more information.

Training and Experience
State Fund has Certified Industrial Ergonomists (CIEs) licensed by the Oxford Research Institute. The requirements for CIE certification ensure that our ergonomics program is backed by significant training and experience. These requirements include:

Previously, State Fund has earned the ORI’s prestigious Five Star Preferred Provider of Ergonomics Services Seal.

In addition, State Fund has one Associate Ergonomics Professional (AEP) licensed by the Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics (BCPE). The AEP is an interim designation that is granted to individuals who meet the educational, but not the work experience criteria for Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE). An individual with the AEP designation is considered to be an "ergonomist in training" who has six years to complete three years of full-time practice and transition to the CPE designation. The requirements include:

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