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Ergonomic Resources

Sample Written Ergonomics Plan

As part of our commitment to California’s employers, State Fund offers a detailed sample written ergonomics program. An ergonomics program can reduce the number and severity of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), thus decreasing workers’ compensation claims, and increasing productivity, quality, and efficiency. An ergonomically designed work environment maximizes employee comfort while minimizing the risk of undue physical stress.

A proactive ergonomics program is essential to our policyholders’ workplace safety and health efforts. If you are interested in initiating an ergonomics program, please follow the link to State Fund’s sample written ergonomics program.

Videos available in our Office Ergonomics series:

Monitor Placement
Mouse and Keyboard
Adjusting Your Chair
Stretches for Office Workers
State Fund Safety Videos
Office Ergonomics - Headsets

Publications - Stretching

Stretches for Agricultural Workers English Spanish
Stretches for Construction Workers English Spanish
Stretches for Healthcare Workers English Spanish
Stretches for Office Workers English Spanish
Stretches for Workers English Spanish


ErgoMatters℠ are short articles written by State Fund's team of ergonomics experts. Each article is designed to provide technical or background information on a specific issue pertaining to ergonomics in the workplace.

State Fund's Back Connection®

The State Fund’s Back Connection® program creates awareness of risk factors for developing back injuries and discusses ways to reduce or eliminate these injuries.

Visit our Back Connection® sections for the links to associated resources:

Publications - Back Talks – Provides a series of tailgate talks the employer can utilize directly to help enhance their employee safety training. All topics involve some aspect of lifting or taking care of the health of one’s back. Each includes review questions to help reinforce the concepts covered.

Back Specific  
Cumulative Nature of Back Injuries             
Feed Your Spine                                        
Muscle Strength, Muscle Endurance 
Recovery Process
Risk Factors
The “Power Position”
Back Related  
Cardiovascular Endurance
Flexibility Training
Take Two
Additional References  
Weight Control 
Strength Training
Recreational Activities
Endurance Training
Back Connection® Videos
Talk Back Live Basic Back
Talk Back Live Lifting
Talk Back Live Movement
Talk Back Live Sitting
Talk Back Live Standing
Risk Factor Identification
Awareness Training
Problem Solving
State Fund Safety Videos

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