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Top 10 State Fund Safety Stories – According To You

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Did You Know?

Top 10 State Fund Safety Stories – According To You

If you’re an employer looking to start or improve your safety program, you may ask yourself what you need to do next.

Your first step is the Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP). The state requires it and it details the overall safety strategy for your company. In fact, Cal/OSHA issues more citations and fines each year due to missing or incomplete IIPPs than for any other violation.

Once you have the IIPP in place, you might want to look at what safety concerns other California employers have. State Fund provides safety content to help businesses throughout the state make their workplaces safer. Below, you’ll find the top ten most read safety articles on our website. These are topics other employers have found to be important. There might be something important here to help you too.

  1. Back Injuries—Get Your Workers Back in Control. Most back injuries are preventable if your workers use appropriate lifting techniques.
  2. Are You Prepared For An Emergency? Knowing what to do when the unexpected happens gives your employees a better chance of staying safe during an emergency. Read more about the importance of an emergency response in this issue of Safety News.
  3. Accident Investigation. When an accident happens, you want to know why it happened. A complete investigation helps you take steps to help prevent the accident from happening again.
  4. Common Workplace Injuries. While back injuries are the most common, being struck by an object, slipping, tripping, and falling are also very common across all industries.
  5. Employee Safety Responsibilities. What your employees can do to avoid
    on-the-job injuries.
  6. Active Shooter Preparedness. Steps to train your employees on, should you encounter an active shooter at your job site.
  7. Workplace Distractions. Workplace distractions may seem like a way of life at most jobsites. Some may be minor, but many could lead to accidents and injuries if not addressed. Here, we offer tips on how to avoid these distractions.
  8. Close Calls—Take a Close Look at Close Calls. Don’t ignore the ‘close call’ or ‘near miss.’ It’s a warning sign that something is wrong and by investigating you might be able to fix a problem before someone gets hurt.
  9. Aggressive Driving. Many of us drive as part of the job. Steering clear of aggression while driving helps make the roadway safer.
  10. Eye Protection—Seeing is Believing. How protective eyewear protects the health and vision of your employees.

If you have a concern that does not appear on this list, don’t worry. State Fund has compiled an array of Safety Meeting Topics, job aids, and videos. To access this information, head over to the Safety and Seminars section of our website. You can also access past issues of Safety News and check out our Safety Blog.

And, if there’s a topic that you can’t find, please reach out to us with your suggestion.

Safety News is produced by State Compensation Insurance Fund to assist clients in their loss prevention efforts. Information or recommendations contained in this publication were obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the date of publication. Information is only advisory and does not presume to be exhaustive or inclusive of all workplace hazards or situations. Permission to reprint articles subject to approval by State Compensation Insurance Fund.

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