2018 President's Letter

State Fund plays a truly unique role in California. By always focusing on our purpose—to provide fairly priced workers' compensation insurance, to help make workplaces safe, and to restore injured workers—we help drive the fifth-largest economy in the world. We are fundamentally different than other carriers because we offer coverage to all businesses in California, supporting our state's entrepreneurial spirit and stabilizing the workers' compensation marketplace.

It is our unique role—our unique responsibility, in fact—that drives us to continue to evolve and improve and to deliver as much value as we can to our customers.
In 2019, we plan to further streamline our operations, deliver new technology, and empower our employees to find creative solutions to short and long-term challenges. In a word, we will be innovative.

We wrote
$1.3 billion
in premium
and stable
We are financially
Our net
income was
New in 2019...
Innovation Design Center
Expanded Website: SafeAtWorkCA.com
Easier Quoting Process for New Business

Financial Highlights