President's Letter

Wow. What a year. Whether we call it unprecedented, unique, or one of a kind—2020 was certainly a year we will never forget.

When I think back to mid-March of last year, I remember vividly the moment we asked almost 4,000 of our employees to start working remotely in a matter of days. Those employees had to learn to work with their colleagues, direct reports, and managers in new ways. To balance their jobs with caring for children or other family members. To create home offices or workspaces where none had existed before. To manage and support technology, to teach and to train, to lead, and to communicate.

At that exact same time, we asked nearly 200 of our employees to continue to work in our offices during a pandemic and help maintain our essential services. Those employees had to adapt to a completely different environment almost overnight. To go to work in offices that were quiet and spare instead of boisterous and busy. To wear masks and other PPE eight or ten hours a day. To implement new processes and procedures to keep everyone as safe as possible while still performing their duties.

I was concerned about the impact this transition would have on our culture and, ultimately, how that would affect those we serve. I also knew that a situation like this was truly a "moment that matters," and that how we responded would have a significant impact on both our culture and our brand reputation.

At the time I asked myself: Can we completely change the way we work and still deliver for our customers and each other?

I'm incredibly proud to say the answer was a resounding yes.

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