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Accessing Broker Commission Statements

Commission checks are usually printed and mailed between the 10th and 16th of every month.

Paper copies are not mailed with your monthly commission checks. Brokerages must use State Fund Online to view, print, or download commission statement information. The statements will be available on the date the commission checks are mailed.

To access commission statements:

  1. Enter your User ID and password. If you have an account but require assistance with your logon or password, contact State Fund Online Support.
  2. Go to Commission on the navigation bar.
  3. Scroll down to Brokerage, then click Statement History.
  4. Your State Fund Brokerage Access number will automatically appear and the commission year will default to the current year. Click Search. To display a different year, select from the drop down menu and click Search.
  5. Select the commission statement desired. Click the View button to open the Adobe Acrobat PDF version of the statement. The format is the same as previous statements. Select the Details button to sort and filter the information.
  6. Print.

Brokers should contact their State Fund Marketing Representative if Principals or Commission Techs still need access to commission information. We will then process or update your State Fund Online account.

The following are the calendar year 2014 Broker statuses and corresponding commission levels:

  • Preferred = 12%
  • Standard = 10%
  • Basic = 6%
  • Access Partners = 14%

If you have additional questions about your commission check, please call (800) 834-2393.

Note: State Compensation Insurance Fund is not a branch of the State of California.

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