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New State Fund MPN Effective July 27, 2020
FAQs for Providers

On July 27, 2020, State Fund will launch a new medical provider network (MPN) called State Fund MPN (MPN ID# 3136), which replaces the State Fund MPN by Harbor Health (MPN ID# 2432) at that time.

Here are answers to questions most frequently asked by providers.

How does State Fund MPN differ from the State Fund MPN by Harbor Health?

The main difference is that State Fund will manage State Fund MPN directly, not a vendor-administrator as with the Harbor Health MPN.

Why is State Fund changing networks?

Now more than ever, it’s crucial we build strong relationships with medical providers. Bringing the MPN in-house will make communicating with doctors easier and more effective and help us achieve our long-term goals on behalf of all our customers.

How will State Fund notify injured employees?

We will notify them in writing about State Fund MPN, and that they may continue treating with their designated PTP for dates of injury prior to July 27, 2020. You will receive a copy for each claim on which you are the designated primary treating physician.

Will the launch of State Fund MPN affect reimbursement rates for medical providers?

No, State Fund will continue to reimburse medical providers at the same rates we did prior to implementing State Fund MPN on July 27, 2020.

Will State Fund MPN have medical access assistants (MAA) to help injured employees find providers and schedule medical appointments?

Yes, they may be reached by calling State Fund at (888)-782-8338 and selecting the option for “Medical Access Assistant.”

How may I contact State Fund MPN?

Please contact State Fund MPN at:

State Compensation Insurance Fund
ATTN: State Fund MPN Contact
P.O. BOX 3171
Suisun City, CA 94585-6171

Telephone: (877) 636-0606

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