Workers’ Compensation Basics

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Established in 1914 by the state legislature, State Fund is California's most reliable provider of workers' compensation insurance and a vital asset to California businesses. State Fund supports California's entrepreneurial spirit and plays a stabilizing role in the economy by providing fairly priced workers' compensation insurance, helping California employers keep their workplaces safe, and restoring injured workers.

Workers’ Compensation Basics

We're pleased to present another Workers’ Compensation Basics pre-recorded webinar which will provide you with an overview of California’s workers’ compensation system. Our panel of experts cover topics such as rates and premium calculation, what to do when a claim occurs, how to create a safe workplace, and much more.

  • What is workers' compensation?
  • Why do you need workers' compensation?
  • What does workers' compensation cover?
  • How is your workers' compensation insurance premium calculated?
  • What to do when an employee is injured?
  • What is a premium audit?
  • What can you do to prevent employee injuries?

Our Employer Education webinars are open to all California employers and insurance brokers.

Webinar Resources (PDF)

Webinar Presentation Slides (PDF)



Denise Haliczer

Denise Haliczer, Assistant Corporate Underwriting Manager

Denise manages the Data Analysis & Reports and Underwriting Training Development Units in Corporate Underwriting. She has six years of experience in corporate risk management and holds an MBA from Notre Dame de Namur University.

April Wright

April Wright, Assistant Claims Manager – Los Angeles Region

April serves as a subject matter expert in multiple aspects of workers’ compensation claims providing internal and external Claims training. She has been with State Fund for 29 years in various roles with our Claims department. April holds a BA in Education from California State University, Dominguez Hills.

Valerie Vo

Valerie Vo, Employer Service Representative – Regional Operations

Valerie has been educating and assisting business owners with their insurance needs for over 20 years. She is a point of contact for our direct policyholders for matters pertaining to their State Fund policies. Valerie joined State Fund 2018 and holds a bachelor’s degree from UC Santa Barbara.

Kimberly Brunson

Kimberly Brunson, Senior Payroll Auditor – Premium Audit

Kimberly has been with State Fund for 20 years in various capacities in our Audit department. She also serves as a Continuing Education Instructor certified by the Department of Insurance. Kimberly has extensive experience in developing and presenting interdisciplinary educational trainings for State Fund employees as well as insurance brokers and employers.

Lizeth M. Mercado

Lizeth M. Mercado, Senior Loss Prevention Engineer - Safety & Health

Lizeth possesses broad workers’ compensation experience. During her 20-year career with State Fund, she has held a variety of positions including Underwriting, Loss Control, Claims, and Corporate Risk Management. Lizeth participates extensively in developing and presenting safety educational trainings for State Fund insurance brokers and policyholders.

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