Message From the President

With a foundation of more than 100 years of serving California, State Fund is the trusted, reliable provider of workers’ compensation insurance for thousands of businesses. Millions of Californians rely on the security and certainty that State Fund offers employers, particularly the small businesses that are the backbone of California’s economy.

State Fund is fundamentally different than other workers’ compensation insurance companies.

Everything we do at State Fund is focused on fulfilling our purpose: To provide fairly-priced workers’ compensation insurance, help make workplaces safe, and restore injured workers. We are both humbled and energized by our responsibility, as we do the right thing for policyholders and injured employees.

I am pleased to share some of the significant accomplishments of 2016.


We welcome a robust market, as employers benefit when insurance companies must compete for their business. 2016 marked another year of healthy competition in the California workers’ compensation market. Although State Fund’s premiums declined somewhat, we were pleased to introduce a rate filing that included an overall decrease in collectable premium of 9.5 percent as well as an expanded pricing model, which further enhances pricing accuracy and makes our rates more stable year over year.

Industry Leadership

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Financial Stability

With increased returns on investment income and very strong surplus, our financial position remains very strong. Here are the financial highlights from 2016:

Thank you for your confidence in State Fund. I am honored to lead this vital California resource and proud of our performance in 2016.

Vern Steiner
President & CEO