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Security Statement

State Agency First Report of Injury

Users may provide first report of injury information via Internet access. The connection and transmission from the user’s computer to State Fund is protected by use of industry standard encrypted communications. These systems utilize Secure Socket Layer communications with standard digital certificates.

The actual receipt and storage of the data is within State Fund’s network. Several layers of computer systems and hardware protocols protect the user’s data. Only valid users that provide correct ID and passwords are allowed to enter the system to provide first report of injury data.

Accessing State Agency Claims Data – State Fund Online/SOLCA

Users may view their agency’s data utilizing State Fund systems. As with the first report of injury, data connections and transmission are encrypted. Accessing State agency data incorporates the use of multi-layer user validation system to ensure the authenticity of the users.

In both cases the users do not have direct access to the data, rather they request data and it is extracted and presented to them. In both cases the user’s access is limited to their agency, blocking access to other agency’s data. Control systems are in place to ensure the correct data accesses.

Important Notice:

Use of State Fund Information Systems for unethical, criminal, and unauthorized purposes is subject to appropriate adverse action, including termination, civil and/or criminal prosecution.

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