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Established in 1914 by the state legislature, State Fund is California's most reliable provider of workers' compensation insurance and a vital asset to California businesses. State Fund supports California's entrepreneurial spirit and plays a stabilizing role in the economy by providing fairly priced workers' compensation insurance, helping California employers keep their workplaces safe, and restoring injured workers.

State Fund Seminar on Respiratory Protection Set for April 16 in San Bernardino

March 25, 2008

State Compensation Insurance Fund is presenting a two-hour seminar entitled “Establishing a Respiratory Protection Program” as part of State Fund’s Employer Education Series. Offered only to current State Fund policyholders and at no charge, the professional training on how to set up and administer a Respiratory Protection Program (RPP) is designed to benefit managers, supervisors, safety coordinators, and other RPP administrators. Featuring an RPP presentation by a certified industrial hygienist and a quantitative fit-testing demonstration by two additional certified industrial hygienists, the morning session will take place on Wednesday, April 16, at State Fund’s Inland Empire Policy Services office in San Bernardino, California.

The training presentation by Industrial Hygiene Consultant Bonnie Sander on how to set up and administer an RPP will address the following issues:

  • Respirator selection
  • Medical evaluations
  • Fit-testing procedures for tight-fitting respirators
  • Maintenance and care of respirators
  • Procedures and training in the proper use of respirators
  • Training in respiratory hazards
  • Procedures for evaluating RPP effectiveness
  • Recent revisions to the Cal/OSHA and Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) Respiratory Protection Standards

Immediately after the RPP presentation, Industrial Hygiene Manager Paul Michalko and Industrial Hygiene Consultant Tuan Nguyen will demonstrate quantitative fit-testing, using controlled negative pressure (CNP) quantitative fit-testing equipment.

  • Annual respirator fit-testing is an OSHA requirement. Quantitative fit-testing is necessary if the employee wears a full-face negative pressure respirator in an atmosphere where contaminants are greater than 10 times the exposure limit.
  • As a service to its policyholders, State Fund offers quantitative fit-testing of negative-pressure rubber-type respirators at the policyholder's work site.

The seminar location is State Fund’s Inland Empire Policy Services office, 375 West Hospitality Lane, 2nd Floor Conference Room, San Bernardino. The session begins at 9:00 a.m. and lasts until 11:00 a.m., with on-site registration starting at 8:30 a.m.

Seating is limited, so State Fund encourages early registration either online, or by e-mail (, phone (call George Leebolt at (909) 384-4742), or fax (Attention: George Leebolt (909) 384-4717). To register by mail, send the completed registration form to:

State Compensation Insurance Fund
Attention: George Leebolt, Loss Control
P.O. Box 954
San Bernardino, CA 92402-0954

Individuals must register separately.

The San Bernardino seminar is part of a series of educational programs State Fund is holding throughout the state to help employers create safe workplaces. State Fund has the largest safety and health services program among California workers’ compensation insurance carriers.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Headquartered in San Francisco, State Compensation Insurance Fund is California’s largest provider of workers’ compensation insurance with approximately 200,000 policyholders. Established by the Legislature in 1914, State Fund is a nonprofit, self-supporting, fairly competitive public enterprise that serves a dual role as both a market of choice and the safety net for California employers seeking workers’ compensation insurance.

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