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Information for Employers

Information for Employers

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Resources for you

We have tools to help make your experience with us easier:

File a Claim

You can file a claim if one of your workers has an injury. Learn the best ways to manage the claim while they recover. You can also get in-depth information by reading our claim kit.


Who is an employee?

Knowing whether an individual is an employee or an independent contractor is important. It ensures you have the correct coverage to protect your business. Here are resources you can use to make sure you know which worker's payroll to include and in what category:

Go paperless!

Opt in to paperless documents and billing when you log in to State Fund Online to receive most policy documents electronically. You can also submit payments and payroll reports online by opting in to ePayments and ePayroll. Just log in to your account, click the button and sign up. You’ll be notified sooner, save time, and reduce paper.

Manage your policy

Whether you’re staying with us and want to renew your policy or update your policy, we can help you keep continuous coverage. We also have instructions if you’ve received a cancellation notice and need help to resolve it.

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