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State Fund Rolls Out 25 “Heat Illness Prevention” Seminars Across California

April 08, 2008

SAN FRANCISICO – With summer fast approaching, there is an urgent need for employers to prevent “heat-related” illnesses that could lead to serious injury or even death of employees. State Compensation Insurance Fund, in partnership with Cal/OSHA Consultation Service, announced today the roll out of 25 heat illness prevention seminars throughout the State of California.

As part of its Employer Education Series, State Fund has been conducting Heat Illness Prevention seminars across California for the last two years as part of its commitment to educate its policyholders and their employees about the serious dangers of heat illness. The seminars are also open to the public.

“California has experienced severe heat waves in recent summers that underscore the importance of these seminars,” said State Fund President Janet Frank. “By making these seminars available to our policyholders, their employees and the general public, we hope to help increase awareness and offer pertinent information about heat illness prevention.”

State Fund has scheduled 25 Heat Illness Prevention seminars statewide:

  • April 22 - Patterson/Redding
  • April 23 - Chico
  • April 24 - Merced/Fresno
  • April 29 - San Diego/Modesto
  • April 30 - El Centro
  • May 1 -   Stockton
  • May 9 -   Five Points
  • May 13 - Palm Desert
  • May 15 - Santa Ana
  • May 22 - Victorville/Santa Rosa/San Luis Obispo
  • May 23 - Bakersfield
  • May 29 - San Bernardino
  • May 30 - Salinas 
  • June 5 -  Visalia/Oxnard
  • June 13 - Fresno
  • June 18 - Pleasanton/San Jose
  • June 19 - Sacramento
  • June 19 - Salinas

Details of seminars including locations and times will be publicized in local newspapers in their respective cities. More information is available online.

The dangers of heat illness can not be overstated. In 2005 Cal OSHA investigated 25 cases of heat-related illness in California, with more than half of those case involving fatalities and nearly a third requiring hospitalization. In 2006, an estimated 83 people died of heat-related illness in California including at least eight work-related fatalities.

In 2006 Cal OSHA became the first State Division of Occupational Safety and Health in the nation to adopt a permanent standard for Heat Illness Prevention. Cal OSHA approved emergency Standard 3395 in response to heat-related deaths in the state. The emergency regulation mandates training of supervisors and employees to prevent heat illness in workers who are likely to suffer heat exposure, even if they are working outdoors for only a short period of time.

The seminars will feature speakers from State Compensation Insurance Fund’s Loss Control Department and Cal/OSHA Consultation Service.

Topics to be covered at the seminars include:

  • How to prevent heat-related illnessesUnderstanding California’s Heat Illness Prevention regulation and how to comply.
  • Updating the company’s Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) with Heat Illness Prevention requirements.
  • Learning how to recognize the signs and symptoms of heat illness.
  • Understanding environmental and personal risk factors.
  • Determining how to respond to heat stress emergencies.

All seminars are free of charge with several conducted in Spanish. Attendees will receive important informational material.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Headquartered in San Francisco, State Compensation Insurance Fund is California’s largest provider of worker’s compensation insurance with approximately 200,000 policyholders. Established by the Legislature in 1914, State Fund is a nonprofit, self-supporting, fairly competitive public enterprise that serves a dual role as both a market of choice and the safety net for California employers seeking workers’ compensation insurance.

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