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Open Chief Information Technology Officer Position

April 17, 2008

We Need Your Help

As many of you have heard, State Fund is petitioning the California State Legislature to approve the addition of six exempt positions to the Fund’s executive team. The addition of these positions will bring immediate, deep functional expertise into our organization, will provide in-house expertise for employee development, and will lessen our need to use outside consultants, ultimately decreasing our cost of doing business.

We can’t proceed on filling any of these positions on a full-time basis until they are approved by the Legislature; however we do have an immediate need to bring in deep functional expertise to our Information Technology department. Therefore we are going to fill the Chief Information Technology Officer position on a consulting basis, until if and when a full-time position is approved.

Chief Information Technology Officer Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement, with the assistance of the Executive Committee and program managers, a comprehensive IT strategy to include both current systems and future enhancements required to provide the Fund with the tools necessary to address IT issues critical to the operations of the Fund.
  • Align the work and deliverables of the IT organization with the business priorities, as articulated by the President, the Executive Committee, and the Project Review Board.
  • Collaborate with the management team, the Executive Committee and other program managers as needed to plan, formulate and administer corporate programs, policies, procedures, guidelines, and systems within Information Technology’s area of responsibility.
  • Oversee development of broker online quotation system ensuring the Fund’s technology is aligned with leading agency management systems and at the forefront as respects turn around time and efficiency.
  • Recruit, train and build the capabilities of IT staff in order to:
    • More effectively meet business requirements
    • Engage and retain top IT talent
    • Reduce the Fund’s dependency on external contract IT resources
  • Implement controls to ensure that IT functions within departments of the Fund are reviewed on a regular basis, with recommended corrective actions for improvement. Implement controls to protect the data of the Fund. Perform reviews of IT management within the Fund.
  • Ensure the IT department structure maximizes use of available resources and provides accountability, flexibility and efficiency in meeting functional and project objectives.
  • Review historical and anticipated future IT expenses of the Fund for the purpose of developing a budget that will address the overall IT strategy as well as company-wide measures that can be implemented to reduce expenses while maximizing the efficiency of IT.
  • Stay abreast of technology advancements to ensure that new developments are incorporated as appropriate.
  • Lead the development of predictive technology that will enable the Fund to more accurately determine appropriate underwriting and pricing decisions.
  • Ensure that business recovery plans are current, tested and standardized throughout the organization. Enhance data center physical and logical security to protect equipment from damage and safeguard the center from unauthorized access. Lead a multi-year effort to migrate key IT functions and staff from San Francisco to the new Vacaville location.

Both internal and external candidates are eligible to apply for the Chief Information Technology Officer position. The job responsibilities of the position are listed here, along with the candidate profile and specific requirements.

If you are interested in applying, please forward your resume to Tamara Faasii in Human Resources (

Chief Information Technology Officer Candidate Profile/Job Requirements

The successful candidate will possess at least 15 years of information technology experience, preferably someone who has worked in a professional services environment. An undergraduate degree is required, and an advanced degree in Information Technology, Information Services, or MBA is highly desirable.

The right candidate will have the proven ability to interact with a variety of personalities, make immediate decisions, have the ability to work on several tasks at any given time while remaining professional and level-headed in a fast-paced environment. A self-starter, he/she will possess a management style capable of working effectively in a collaborative environment, cultivating relationships at all levels and demonstrating the ability to influence key higher level decisions through personal integrity, expertise and business acumen.

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