Permanent Disability

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Permanent Disability

Compensation Provided for Employees with Permanent Disability

Permanent disability benefits are paid if your injury or illness results in a permanent impairment that decreases your ability to compete in the open labor market. Your examining physician will report on any permanent impairment that may be considered a permanent disability.

Permanent Disability Rate

A permanent disability rating involves the use of a specialized formula. This formula considers your age and occupation at the time of your injury or illness, plus any permanent impairment that the examining physician may indicate.

The permanent disability rating yields a specific dollar amount. The exact amount depends on the date of injury, the percentage of disability, and your average weekly earnings at the time of injury.

Your permanent disability rate is equal to two-thirds of your average weekly wages at the time of injury. Rates are subject to established minimum and maximum rates. The table below lists the maximum permanent disability payments for each percentage range.

Maximum Permanent Disability Payment

Rating 07/1/96-12/31/02 2003 2004 2005 2006 - 2012
Up to 14.75% $140 $185 $200 $220 $230
15% to 24.75% $160 $185 $200 $220 $230
25% to 69.75% $170 $185 $200 $220 $230
70% to 99.75% $230 $230 $250 $270 $270
Minimum per week: $70 $100 $105 $105 $130

Period of Payment

Generally, if we accept your claim and your treating physician has determined that you have permanent disability, payments begin within 14 days after temporary disability ends. If we know the extent of your permanent disability, payments continue every two weeks until the full benefit is paid. If we do not know the extent of your disability, payments continue until a reasonable estimate of the benefit due is paid.

The information provided is not intended to supersede or be used in lieu of the “notice of benefits” handout that employers are required to provide to workers. For State Fund policyholders, this notice is in the New Employee's Guide to Workers' Compensation (English/Spanish) - e13286 [448 k].

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