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Established in 1914 by the state legislature, State Fund is California's most reliable provider of workers' compensation insurance and a vital asset to California businesses. State Fund supports California's entrepreneurial spirit and plays a stabilizing role in the economy by providing fairly priced workers' compensation insurance, helping California employers keep their workplaces safe, and restoring injured workers.

Temporary Help Agency

State Fund must be provided with a notification of each client (or new client classification) in order to properly determine classification, rate, and claims liability. Additionally, Labor Code 3302 requires that a carrier be notified of a construction client's Bureau number and experience modification in order to apply the proper experience modification to the associated payroll. The assigned class code rate will be applied at audit for the work being completed at the client's location. This will allow the carrier to accept liability for claims that may be filed against the policy.

State Fund-insured temporary help agencies should complete the Notification of Temporary Staffing Client Letter, and e-mail it to

State Fund will review the provided information. The section "FOR STATE FUND USE ONLY" will be completed with the applicable class codes and interim rates. The form will then be returned via e-mail or fax to the employer.

Note: State Compensation Insurance Fund is not a branch of the State of California.

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