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Straight-Through Renewals

Last October, we introduced Online Submissions through State Fund Online, which has been extremely successful for brokers.  State Fund will soon release another internet product called Straight-Through Renewals.  This new State Fund Online service will streamline the renewal process by making renewal information available online. 

  • View and manage your upcoming renewals online
  • Update and submit information electronically


We have taken special care to create a system that is secure and easy to use, as with everything that makes up State Fund Online.

There are many advantages to processing your renewals online.  Among them:

  • Direct access and a simplified, faster exchange of information.
  • Organize and manage your book of business, and quickly identify the status of your renewals.
  • Save the environment by reducing paper, postage and other resources.

Straight-Through Renewals will complement the other online products that are already available to you on State Fund Online, including:

  • Access to policy information
  • Access claims information
  • Certificate of insurance production
  • Payroll reporting/bill paying
  • Online submissions

If you are a State Fund broker and are not yet taking advantage of our online products, please contact us at (800) 834-2393 to obtain your user ID and password.

Watch for more information on Straight-Through Renewals.

Note: State Compensation Insurance Fund is not a branch of the State of California.

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