How to Get Started on State Fund Online and Assign Users

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How to Get Started on State Fund Online and Assign Users

As a broker working with State Fund, you have access to all of your policies online. State Fund Online is where you’ll find instant information including claims, renewals, commissions, and more, anytime of the night and day. Here’s what you need to do to get started with State Fund Online.

  1. Your account administrator can add you as a State Fund Online user. Once you’ve been added, you’ll receive an email from State Fund.

  2. Click on the link in the email to be directed to the State Fund Online login screen.

  3. Enter the temporary username and password.

  4. You will now be prompted to create a new, permanent username and password for your account.

  5. Congratulations, you are now a registered State Fund Online user.

If you are not the account administrator, they can add you. If you don’t know who your admin is, call the Broker Relations Team at (800) 834-2393.

Assign Administrative Users

  1. From the dashboard, click on USER ADMIN in the top navigation bar, then CREATE USER.

    User Admin

  2. Complete the required fields and press ADD USER.

    Add User

    Note: You’ll need to assign a role to each individual user as you add them, based on what level of access they need. Here’s a summary of each role to help you make those assignments:

    The following roles offer limited access to policy information, quote submissions and brokerage dashboard:

    • Accounts Manager
    • Marketing Manager

    The following roles offer restricted access to policy information with access to specific policies:

    • Producer
    • CSR: Limited access to policy information
    • Claims Personnel
    • Support Personnel

  3. Next, confirm that the information you entered is correct, and press the PROCESS button on the bottom of the screen.

  4. Repeat the process to add additional users.

    Note: Each new user will receive an email from State Fund with their temporary user name and password and will be prompted to create their account.

  5. Now you’re ready to manage your policies online.

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