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We can cancel your policy for non-payment, failure to report payroll, or other reasons stated in your contract. This can have repercussions for you even if you’ve stopped paying simply because your business closed or it no longer has employees. If you receive a Notice of Cancellation, you should contact us immediately to resolve whatever issues you might be having.

To stop the cancellation and avoid a lapse in coverage, we have to receive all overdue premium payments and payroll reports prior to the cancellation effective date you’ll see on the notice.

You should go to State Fund Online to determine and submit the outstanding items on your policy or call customer support at (888) 782-8338 for further help.

I thought I cancelled my policy

If you want to cancel your policy, you can’t simply stop paying or reporting payroll. You must notify us in writing or use our Policy Cancellation Request form. If you mail in your cancellation, you must provide the date and reason for cancelling your policy as well as your signature.

What happens when your policy goes into cancellation

Once your policy goes into cancellation, we are required to notify your certificate holders that your workers' compensation coverage may or will be cancelled. For example, if you have 30 days notice endorsed on your policy, then we have to notify the certificate holders 30 days before we cancel your policy.

If you found a new workers’ compensation insurance provider, you must supply us with one of the following: a copy of the signed declaration page, signed Information page, signed Certificate of Insurance from the new carrier, or the signed ACORD form from your broker. If you are going to work with a PEO or Temp Agency, we need a copy of the agreement or contract.

This allows us to cancel your policy as of the date that your new policy provided coverage. We’ll establish your cancellation date based upon any outstanding documents available to us as of the date printed on the cancellation notice.

Different types of cancellations you can request

  • You have no employees. When you cancel your policy because you don't have any employees and no longer need your policy (cancellation on your anniversary date or any time during your policy period).
  • Your business closed. When you cancel your policy because you've closed your business and no longer need your policy (cancellation on your anniversary date or any time during your policy period).
  • You’re insured elsewhere. When you cancel your policy because you obtained coverage with a different provider with a policy that begins following the current policy term.
  • You’ve changed insurance carriers midterm. When you cancel your policy midterm because you obtained coverage with another provider. Keep in mind you’ll have to pay a midterm cancellation fee as part of your contract with us. The final premium will be based on the time the policy was in force.

The date of your cancellation matters

Be aware if we issued certificates of insurance on your policy, your written cancellation request date must match the certificate advance notice. For example, if you have 30 days notice endorsed on your policy, then your requested cancellation date must be at least 30 days in advance so we can notify the certificate holders.

We also don’t backdate cancellation dates, so you’ll want to notify us prior to the date that you intend to cancel your policy based on the maximum number of days notice we have agreed to give any one certificate holder when the policy is cancelled.

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