How Do I Cancel My Policy?

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How Do I Cancel My Policy?

While we’re sorry to see you go, we want to ensure you maintain coverage so your policy doesn’t lapse.

You must put it in writing

The policy owner needs to submit a formal written request to cancel the policy. You can use our Policy Cancellation Request Form and send it to us at or write a letter with the policy owner’s signature, including the desired date of cancellation and the reason. If you found a new workers’ compensation insurance provider, you must provide us with a copy of the new policy’s declaration page or certificate of insurance to verify you have coverage. By law, you must have active coverage to operate your business.

Two items to keep in mind

  1. If certificates of insurance we issued are in effect, your written cancellation request date must correspond to the certificate advance notice. For example, if you have 30 days notice endorsed on your policy, then your requested cancellation date must be at least 30 days in advance so we can notify the certificate holders.

  2. We can’t backdate cancellations. So it’s really important that you provide us notice that you wish to cancel your policy before the anniversary of the inception of the policy. This means you’ll avoid having to pay the minimum policy premium for the next policy year.

Types of cancellation reasons

We must record one of the following four reasons for cancelling your policy.

Key things to remember about cancelling your policy

If we don’t receive a formal written request, we won’t cancel your policy. If you stop payment and stop submitting payroll reports, the policy will cancel for non-reporting of payroll or for non-payment. That can increase how much you’ll owe for the policy and your ability to find workers’ compensation insurance with other carriers in the future.

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